Operation guidelines for parents


  1. Parents to accompany children to the entrance of the building only, no parent is allowed inside of the building.
  2. The pickup time is 2.55-3.05pm, please don’t be late, otherwise, your children may be out of the care of school after this period.
  3. Wearing mask is mandatory inside of the building, but it is optional for both tutors and students in the classrooms.
  4. Please prepare your children sanitised, and only drinking water is permitted at school.
  1. 家长只能陪同孩子到大楼入口处,不允许家长进入大楼内。
  2. 接孩子的送时间为2.55-3.05pm,请不要迟到,否则您的孩子可能会在放学后无人照顾。
  3. 在建筑物内必须佩戴口罩,但对于教室中的导师和学生来说,佩戴口罩可自行选择。
  4. 请为您的孩子准备消毒液,学校只允许喝水。