Southampton Chinese School is a non-profit organisation, offering Chinese language education to school-age (year 1 and above) children at Southampton and surrounding areas. The classes range from beginners to GCSE and A levels.

The school has a long-established history. Over the years, the students studying GCSE achieved very good results.  — more info can be found in the Introduction page 

The school opens on Saturdays during term time, from 1pm to 3pm.  — more info can be found in the Calendar page

The school is operated at the Cantel School.  — more info can be found in the Contact page.


南安普敦中文学校是一个非营利组织,为南安普敦及周边地区的学龄(一年级及以上)儿童提供中文教育。 课程范围从初学者到 GCSE 和 A 级。

学校历史悠久。 多年来,学生在GCSE的学习上取得了很好的成绩。 — 更多信息可以在简介中找到

学校在学期间的周六开放,从下午 1 点到3 点。 — 更多信息可以在日历中找到

这所学校在坎特尔学校运营。 — 更多信息可以在联络中找到。


Application for new students starting in September 2021 is now re-opened.  Please contact our head master directly:

从 2021 年 9 月开始的新生申请现已重新开放。 请直接联系我们的校长:

Dr. Pengfei Xue 薛鹏飞博士, email: pf.xue@sotonchineseschool.org.uk , tel. o7825364406