Southampton Chinese School is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to spreading Chinese culture and providing Chinese education related services for the society.

The school has a long-established history. Over the years, the students studying GCSE achieved very good results.  — more info can be found in the About page. 

The school opens on Saturdays during term time, from 1pm to 3pm.  — more info can be found in the Calendar page.

The school is operated at the Cantel School.  — more info can be found in the Contact page.

Please visit our Events page for the latest school news and activities.


学校有着悠久的历史。 多年来,学生在GCSE的学习上取得了很好的成绩。 — 更多信息可以在简介中找到。

学校在学期间的周六开放,从下午 1 点到3 点。 — 更多信息可以在日历中找到。

这所学校在坎特尔学校运营。 — 更多信息可以在联络中找到。


1. If you are looking for Chinese classes for students aged 5-16
2. If you/your school is looking for Mandarin or Cantonese examiners for GCSE exams
3. If you/your school is looking for an examiner for A Level examinations
4. If you/your child is looking for one-to-one, online, group or other forms of private lessons
5. If you are looking for adult Chinese private lessons
6. If you are looking for private lessons of advanced business Chinese

Please contact Principal Xue, 07825364406, pf.xue@sotonchineseschool.org.uk. 

1. 如果您寻求为 5-16岁学生的中文课堂教学
2. 如果您/您的学校寻求GCSE考试的普通话或者粤语考官
3. 如果您/您的学校寻求A Level考试的考官
4. 如果您/您的孩子寻求一对一,线上,小组或者其他形式的私教
5. 如果您寻求成人的中文私教
6. 如果您寻求高级商务中文的私教,

请联系薛校长, 07825364406,pf.xue@sotonchineseschool.org.uk.

Application for new students starting in September 2024 is now opened, please click the link below to register online:

2024 年 9 月开始的新生申请现已开放, 请点击以下链接在线注册:


Please contact admission office if you have any enquiry:


Email: admission@sotonchineseschool.org.uk , tel. 07825364406

Southampton Chinese School is recruiting for teachers and teaching assistants, please visit our Recruiting page for more details.

南安普顿中文学校正在招聘教师和助教, 请访问我们的招聘页面了解更多详情。