Regulation and Guidelines

(Amended guidelines passed at governing body meeting on 15th September 2007)

  1. Introduction
    The Southampton Chinese School exists to provide Chinese language teaching and to promote the Chinese culture among the communities in Southampton and surrounding areas. The school will be open to children from any ethnic group and any background.
  2. Aims and Objectives
    2.1Provide Chinese language teaching classes.
    2.2 Provide GCSE and A-level Chinese language training courses.
    2.3 Provide tutor training courses.
    2.4 Promote Chinese culture.
  3. The School governing body and management
    3.1 The school will be managed by governing body members led by Headmaster.
    3.2 The members of school governing body take part in the policy making.
    3.3 The governing body should include the school Headteacher, the school treasurer, and on parent representative from each class.
    3.4 The governing body members can bring to the meetings any matter relevant to the class they represent and matters relevant to the school.
    3.5 The governing body members report back to their group all the recommendations and actions taken by the governing body.
    3.6 The governing body will have at least three regular meetings during each term, at the beginning, middle and end of the term, respectively. Irregular meetings can be arranged any time when necessary.
  4. Elections
    4.1 The governing body nominates and elects the Headteacher of the school, with approvals of at least 2/3 members among the whole governing body. The Headteacher will be elected every year. To dismiss a Headteacher in the middle of a school calendar year will also need votes of more than 2/3 of the governing body members.
    4.2 The Headteacher nominates school treasurer who then should be approved by the governing body members with approvals of at least half number of members.
    4.3 The governing body members will be elected every year, among parents of each class.
  5. Financial
    5.1 All the governing body members are non-paid volunteers.
    5.2 To maintain the operations of the school, the school will charge a reasonable amount of tuition fee from each pupil. The amount of tuition fee will be determined by the governing body and inform the parents before the start of term.
    5.3 Tutors will be paid an “Honorarium” in recognition of their hard work.
    5.4 Tutors will only be paid for the actual teaching time. There will be no maternity, sick or holiday pay. They will be liable for their own income-tax and national insurance contributions.
    5.5 All the claim forms of payments must be signed by Headteacher.
    5.6 At the end of each school year, the Headteacher and school treasurer must present an annual financial report to the governing body.
  6. Tutors
    6.1 Tutors are responsible for teaching and safeguard the safety and health of children in classes.
    6.2 Tutors must arrive in school on time, with about 10 minutes earlier than the start of class.
    6.3 Tutors must mark attendance register of each class, and keep the attendance record for the claim of Honorarium pay.
    6.4 Tutors are responsible for the pupil’s registration and to collect the tuition fee from their own class.
    6.5 If tutors are going to take absent leave, they must inform the Headteacher with sufficient time in advance so that the school can arrange replacement.
    6.6 Tutors must try best to maintain good order and discipline during classes. After classes, they must make pupils tidy up the classroom and check that the classrooms are tidy and in order before leaving.
    6.7 Tutors will be evaluated at the end of each term. Pupils and parents will be handed out evaluation forms to give their marks of the performance of tutors. If a tutor continuously gets low marks, he/she maybe dismissed after discussions of governing body.
    6.8 All tutors must have their criminal records checked before they are appointed.
  7. Pupils and Parents
    7.1 Children from any ethnic group and background will be allowed and welcomed to attend the school.
    7.2 All pupils attending the school must have their registration form filled and their tuition fee paid.
    7.3 All pupils attending the school must abide with the school’s rules and regulations. Breaching the school rules and regulations will possibly result in exclusion from the school.
    7.4 All pupils attending the school must come to school on time, not too early, not too late.
    7.5 Parents are responsible for bringing their children to school and collecting them back after school. It is the parents’ responsibility for the safety of their children outside the school.
    7.6 Parents can bring concerned matters to their corresponding governing body member who will bring it to the governing body meetings.
    7.7 Parents are not allowed to stay in the classroom unless there are very strong reasons. They will have to stay at the assigned rest room during the class.
  8. Volunteers
    8.1 Volunteers will help the children with reading and writing and other activities.
    8.2 Volunteers can help the tutors with teaching material preparation, photocopying, laminating etc.
    8.3 Volunteers can help organise school parties and other activities, such as shopping, supervision of children safety, tidying and cleaning up etc.
    8.4 All volunteers must have their criminal record checked.