Southampton Chinese School was established across late 1997 through early 1998, at the Mount Pleasant Junior School. The co-founders were Dr. Zhijun Xin, Dr. Jianping Wu, Mr Huijun Zhang, Dr. Ping Hua, and Mrs Winnie Tang. The first headteacher was Dr. Zhijun Xin, followed by Dr. Jianping Wu, and then Mr Huijun Zhang, who oversaw the move to it’s current site, Cantell School, in the Autumn of 2000. The school was initially supported and funded by the department of the Community Language Services from Southampton City Council. This department provided all teaching material, books for student study, teacher’s trainings, payment for the classroom rental and the teacher’s income. From year 2010, the funding was gradually reduced until the year 2014 or 2015 the funding was completely stopped. In order to carry on school running and teaching the school gradually increasing the tuition fees.

南安普敦中文学校于 1997 年底至 1998 年初在芒特普莱森特小学成立。 联合创始人是辛志军博士、吴建平博士、张慧军先生、华萍博士和唐文妮女士。 首任校长是辛志军博士,其次是吴建平博士,然后是张惠军先生,他负责监督于 2000 年秋季迁至现址 Cantell 学校的工作。学校最初由南安普敦市议会社区语言服务部门提供支持和资助。该部门提供所有教材、学生学习用书、教师培训、教室租金和教师收入。 从2010年开始这些资助逐渐减少,到2014年或2015年已完全停止。 为继续办学和教学,学校逐步提高学费。

Southampton Chinese School initially only had 1 Mandarin class and 1 Cantonese class. However, with more and more children interested in learning Chinese languages and culture, the school has gradually expanded over the years. As of 2021, we now have 15 classes, with 180 students and 13 tutors, across 10 different levels of Chinese, from absolute beginner through to GCSE and A-level. Over the last two decades, it has been our privilege to ensure that the majority of students at Southampton Chinese School have achieved GCSE grades of A or higher.

南安普敦中文学校最初只有1个普通话班和1个粤语班。 然而,随着越来越多的孩子对学习中国语言和文化感兴趣,学校多年来逐渐扩大。 截至 2021 年,我们现在有 15 个班级,180 名学生和 13 名导师,涵盖 10 个不同级别的中文学习,从初级到 GCSE 和 A-level。 在过去的二十年里,我们有幸确保南安普敦中文学校的大多数学生都取得了 A 或更高的 GCSE 成绩。

We are open between 1pm and 3pm every Saturday during term time at Cantell School. The school is led by our headmaster, deputy headmaster, treasurer, and governors, who are all volunteers. The governors, as a team, are responsible for student application and registration, tutor/TA recruitment, book purchase and sale, classroom lease from Cantell, and on-site overseeing during school time. Each class has a dedicated tutor, with classes for younger children, e.g. Reception/Year1 ages, a teaching assistant will also be present to assist the tutor.

每学期间的周六下午 1 点到 3 点我们在 Cantell 学校开放。学校由我们的校长、副校长、财务和多位校董们带领,他们都是志愿者。校董们作为一个团队,负责学生申请和注册、导师/助教招聘、书籍购买和销售、Cantell 教室租赁以及在校期间的现场监督。 每个班级都有一名专门的导师,年幼孩子的班级,例如 学前班/一年级,助教也将在场协助导师。

The school is fortunate to have lots of experienced and passionate tutors to maintain the high standard of education and fulfil extra curricular activities. Six tutors (Mrs Winnie Tang, Mrs Minhua Hilton, Mrs Julie Limonard, Dr. Chen Lu, Ms Karen Chen, and Dr. Jennie Li) were awarded “Best Chinese Tutor in the UK” by the UK Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education (UKAPCE) between 2006 and 2021. Our tutors promote various traditions and customs during the lessons to celebrate significant Chinese occasions, for example during Chinese New Year we do costume dress up, calligraphy, ink painting, folk songs, and much more.

学校有幸拥有众多经验丰富且充满热情的导师以保持高标准的教育和开展课外活动。 在 2006 年和 2021 年之间, 六位导师(Winnie Tang 女士、Minhua Hilton 女士、Julie Limonard 女士、陈璐博士、Karen Chen 女士和 Jennie Li 博士)被英国华文教育促进会(UKAPCE)授予“英国最佳华文导师” 。我们的导师在课程中宣传各种传统和习俗,庆祝重要的中国节日,例如在农历新年期间,我们进行服装打扮、书法、水墨画、民歌等活动。

All students are encouraged to participate in a number of UKAPEC endorsed activities – each separated into appropriate level and age groups:

我们鼓励所有学生参加一系列 UKAPEC 认可的活动 — 每个活动都分有适当的级别和年龄组:

  • Calligraphy competition 书法比赛
  • New Year card design 新年贺卡设计
  • Chinese essay competition 中文作文比赛
  • Summer camp/trip to China 夏令营/中国之旅

In 2014, the Southampton Chinese School hosted a photo exhibition to allow more people to experience and understand Chinese culture. The school collaborates with Chinese Arts Southampton and the Chinese Association of Southampton on a regular basis to contribute to our and their events, and foster greater positive relations in our multi-cultural community.

2014年,南安普敦中文学校举办图片展,让更多人体验和了解中国文化。 学校定期与南安普敦中国艺术团和南安普敦华人协会合作,为我们和他们的活动做出贡献,并在我们的多元文化社区中培养更积极的关系。

Over the last two years, Southampton Chinese School has had a big challenge dealing with Covid-19, as have all English Schools. With the support of all our students and their parents, the school adapted quickly and smoothly by delivering its lessons online, keeping everyone safe, which has been a great success.

在过去两年中,南安普敦中文学校和所有英语学校一样,在应对 Covid-19 方面遇到了巨大挑战。 在我们所有学生和家长的支持下,学校通过在线授课,确保每个人的安全,迅速而顺利地适应了变化,取得了巨大的成功。

From the 6th November 2021, all students were welcomed back to the Cantell School site in person to have Chinese lessons once again. People’s health and safety is always our top priority, so we have put measures in place to avoid crowds, maintain social distancing where possible, and limit any further spread of virus.

从2021年11月6日起,所有学生已回到Cantell学校上中文课。 人们的健康和安全始终是我们的首要任务,因此我们已采取措施避免人群聚集,尽可能保持社交距离,并限制病毒的进一步传播。