Student Guidelines


  1. Students should arrive at the school on time, i.e. 1:00pm on Saturdays. If there is any reason, e.g. due to illness or out of the town, parent should apply for an absence to the tutor beforehand.
  2. Student should prepare well for the session. If need to go to toilet, this should normally be done before the lesson or during the break time.
  3. Student should listen and follow tutor’s instruction, obey the class rules without disturbing the lesson, and complete the work assigned by tutor.
  4. Student should keep safe. Risky items such as knife are not allowed to bring to the classroom. During the break time, it is not permitted to leave the school premises. Students shouldn’t be chasing each other, especially with sharp objects which can cause injury.
  5. Student should keep the school property and area in good and tidy order. It is not permitted to write on table, chair, or walls etc. If, under tutor’s permission, using anything in the classroom, it should be put back to the original place.
  6. Student should not eat food in the school classroom or corridor. Any rubbish should be put into the rubbish bin.
  7. The school reserves the right to change the interpretation of the above rules and disciplines, and the right to change above rules. For those students who disobey the rules and severely disturb the class the school will issue a warning and also contact the parents. If the student still doesn’t improve his/her behaviour, he/she will be expelled from the school.


  1. 按时到校。每周六下午一点以前学生应准时到校。不要迟到、早退,不要无故旷课。遇有特殊情况时,如生病或外出等,应事先向任课老师请假。
  2. 做好课前准备工作。上厕所等应在课前和课间完成。
  3. 上课认真听讲,遵守纪律,不要打闹,不准打扰上课秩序,按老师要求按时完成作业。
  4. 注意安全,不得携带危险品和凶器进入学校。课间休息时,禁止无故离开学校规定区域。不准打闹、追逐,尤其不能持锐物,如铅笔等打闹。
  5. 爱护学校财产。不能在课桌、课椅及墙壁上涂抹写画。在使用教室内物品时,须事先得到老师允许,用完后应归放回原处。
  6. 维护卫生。校园内不允许饮食。废物、纸屑等应扔到垃圾箱中。
  7. 学校保留对以上各规定和纪律的解释修改权。对于不守纪律、严重干扰上课秩序的学生,教师将给于警告,并及时通知家长。如果学生行为仍不改进,学校将劝其退学。