Recitation Contest 朗诵比赛

To encourage students to appreciate more about Chinese culture through ancient poems and famous Chinese articles, Southampton Chinese school is holding a recitation contest. It will help students enhance their understanding of Chinese culture hugely and equip themselves with in-depth knowledge required in the future. We welcome all our students to join the contest. The winners of each group will receive award from Southampton Chinese school and represent our school to join the competition held by UK Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education. Please see the PDF file below for details.

为激发学生学习中文的兴趣,深入感受经典诗词及中文作品中的文化底蕴,启发创造灵感,提高学生普通话口头表达能力,营造良好积极的学习环境和氛围,南安普顿中文学校特举办主题为《诵读经典美文,争做博学少年》的朗诵比赛。欢迎全校学生积极报名参赛。各组别的获奖者都将获得中文学校的证书,并会得到中文学校老师的统一辅导,代表南安普敦中文学校参加第十九届全英普通话朗诵比赛(伦敦赛区)。有关详细信息,请参阅下面的 PDF 文件.